#2623 [ANN] GitHub now highlights Fantom code

rkoeninger Fri 28 Jul

GitHub recently deployed linguist 5.1.0, which includes support for highlighting Fantom.

Highlighting is based on my fork of Matthew Giannini's sublime-fantom repo, with grammar updated so linguist would recognize it.

Sample repository

SlimerDude Fri 28 Jul

Wow Robert, that's pretty sweet and good to know!

I quite like the basic spell checker too... at a later date, I may add it to Ask Fanny!

andy Fri 28 Jul


SlimerDude Fri 28 Jul

From what I can gather from this article, BitBucket uses Code Mirror.

While we're on the topic code highlighting, I don't suppose anyone fancies a crack at adding Fantom support to Code Mirror's list of supported languages!?

: )

andy Fri 28 Jul

BitBucket uses (or least used to use) Pygments -- @ivan originally got that working for Fantom. Still seems to be working. Code Mirror support would be cool though. The more the merrier :)

SlimerDude Wed 6 Sep

Hi rkoeninger,

I've added your spell checker to the Ask Fanny website to give "Did you mean XXX?" suggestions. It works pretty well, so thanks!

But I did notice that whilst it removes letters to give suggestions, it doesn't add letters. For example:

Typing Booly gives a suggestion of Bool, but typing Boo does not.

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