#2464 Retyping functions

SlimerDude Wed 16 Sep 2015

When I try to retype a function to a nullable type, I get ArgErr: Not a Func type - is this correct? Example:


sys::ArgErr: Not a Func type: |->sys::Void|?
  fan.sys.Func.retype (Func.java:300)

It's an edge case, and I can see why the nullable aspect is nothing to do with the function parameters - however, is there any why it can't be cast to a nullable function?

brian Wed 16 Sep 2015

I think for that one, that is the correct behavior since the parameter really should be a proper non-nullable function type. If you had some type variable, you could always just call toNonNullable on it (but don't think that function should do it for you automatically)

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