#2448 [ANN] Fantom Quickstart for OpenShift

SlimerDude Thu 27 Aug 2015

Deploy Fantom Apps to OpenShift!

Now you can deploy your fantom apps to OpenShift!

Full instructions here:


To create and deploy a new Fantom app in one line (!)

C:\> rhc create-app quickstart diy-0.1 --from-code https://bitbucket.org/AlienFactory/openshift-fantom-quickstart.git

Application Options
Domain:      <domain>
Cartridges:  diy-0.1
Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/AlienFactory/openshift-fantom-quickstart.git
Gear Size:   default
Scaling:     no

Creating application 'quickstart' ...

Waiting for your DNS name to be available ... done

Cloning into 'quickstart'...

Your application 'quickstart' is now available.

  URL:        http://quickstart-<domain>.rhcloud.com/
  SSH to:     xxxx@quickstart-<domain>.rhcloud.com
  Git remote: ssh://xxxx@quickstart-<domain>.rhcloud.com/~/git/quickstart.git/
  Cloned to:  C:/quickstart

Run 'rhc show-app quickstart' for more details about your app.

You can now view your application on a public URL:


Quickstart in Action


For thoese who don't know (and ignoring buzz words and marketing speak) RedHat's OpenShift is a neat and easy way to deploy your apps into a live environment. And currently lets you host 3 web applications for free!


Your code needs to exist in a Git repository (*) and whenever you git push to OpenShift:

  • it allocates a VM (called a gear)
  • it downloads Fantom and builds your pod
  • runs your app on a given port and maps it to a URL

It's virtually config free!

Write code, push, and ta daa! It's live!

(*) Mercurial lovers fear not, it only needs to be a local Git repo, which can co-exist along side Mercurial and other SCMs.

Have fun!


Jeremy Criquet Fri 28 Aug 2015

Great work Steve! Glad to see you figured it out.

SlimerDude Fri 28 Aug 2015

Thanks! I reused ideas from my Heroku buildpack.

What's there for OpenShift at the moment is just a custom DIY application that you clone to get you started. It's good enough for most usages, as it lets you customise everything. But it'd be nice if it was converted to a OpenShift cartridge.

The way I read it, a cartridge is just a means to package up the action_hook scripts so you don't have include them in your application. That side of it sounds pretty straight forward, but then they have some funky ideas on how to dynamically resolve the Git repository to clone it from.

To be honest, I didn't read much more than that - the quickstart app is good enough for what I need for now.

Feel free to take my stuff further and question any design decisions made (like the name / format of the optional openShiftCmd.txt file).

Jeremy Criquet Fri 28 Aug 2015

Yeah, that's what I remember banging my head against a wall around, with their repository resolution.

I'll revisit this later when I have more time and see if I can contribute in any way.


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