#155 Brainstorming 24 Sep 07

brian Tue 25 Sep 2007

Time We will use a single sys::Time class with three modes: time, date, and datetime. The mode can be checked via the isTime, isDate, and isDateTime methods. Calling a method invalid for a mode such as year on a time will throw UnsupportedErr. Datetimes will be based on ticks - probably +/- nanoseconds ticks with an epoch of 1 Jan 2000, fields will be relative to a given TimeZone.

WebClient We discussed different approaches to structuring the client versus server side API. We agreed that the server API should keep the short names: WebReq and WebRes. We are going to try and tackle the client API via one class called WebClient. This class will deal with the request and response state as well as issues like following redirects and persistent connections. If the one class becomes too awkward then the second approach is to break it into a WebClientReq and WebClientRes class.

Thompson Thompson is our newly coined codename for the first preview release which contains two key milestones: getting .NET to run the full test suite and getting fandev.org up and running using Fan.

Spaces We've given more thought to how spaces help us organize applications, namespaces, and data b/w threads and data mapped in a database:

  • The application/VM URI namespace == the web URI namespace
  • This namespace should be flexible - for example you can mount symbol links directly under root so a website has pretty URIs
  • However, the Fan runtime will take some key root names, such as /env, /threads, etc
  • With a single namespace, securing key infrastructure branches in the namespace is critical
  • However since an admin can mount anything desired anyhow, we have to deal with it in our security model anyhow
  • We might require admin to use HTTPS
  • We might lock down the fand configuration itself so that remote admin is prohibited
  • We will call fand building block "services"
  • For now service relationships are nothing more than looking up service by type
  • Eventually we'll want more sophisticated relationships, but that is true of all resources

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